The National Amateur Disc Golf Tour Putting Championships is a great addition to the tour. We all know that putting is the one skill that can make or break a round, so why not find a way to prepare our ams for making those pressure putts they can expect as their careers continue to blossom. We have developed this program to integrate with the tour in a way that would allow players to participate without leaving their home as long as they owned a basket. We wanted to create a format that can apply to current local putting leagues, so we came up with a great format similar to the world poker tour. We are very excited to announce this event and crown the first NADGT putting champion in 2020.

Local Qualifying – $12 Entry Fee

Single Elimination

8-64 person brackets

8 person minimum: 1 Invite to States

9-16: 2 Invites to States

17-24: 3 Invites to States

25-32: 4 Invites to States

33-40: 5 Invites to States

41-48: 6 Invites to States

49-56: 7 Invites to States

57-64: 8 Invites to States

Unique to our competition

  • We’re all playing within the honor system and this competition will only be as good as its competitors.
  • No jump putts outside of the circle. One stationary contact point must remain behind mark.  “Falling Putts” are allowed.
  • If you do not receive a call from the HIGHER seed, please go back to the event room and contact the Moderator.
  • If the LOWER seed does not answer after 3 attempts, please go back to the event room and contact the Moderator.
  • If you lose connection with your opponent, please go back to the event room and contact the Moderator.
  • If you think your phone is going to die, LET YOUR OPPONENT KNOW.  If it does die you will have 5 minutes of grace until you are disqualified and lose the match.
  • If your opponent does not agree with your station count, he is allowed to request a “Fly By” to the basket. The player will take their phone and walk directly to the basket keeping the tray in view while they walk. Once at the basket focus on the discs that were made and separate and discs that may be stacked to show an accurate count.
  • Unlike other leagues and tours in sports, there are no memberships or league fees required to be part of our series.  We have decided to be transparent and show the players what their extra money is going towards.
    • Moderators are being paid for their time and effort.  Without their time and commitment to the series…We would not have a putting competition.
    • A $1 operating fee is part of every entry fee. That $1 goes towards operating costs for the series. The remainder of money will be added cash to the National Championships.