How to play

  1. Register on Disc Golf Scene
  2. Download the free Discord app to your phone.
  3. Familiarize yourself with format, rules, and player experience prior to competition.
  4. Receive and read email with your event starting time and information about event room/server on Discord.
  5. Set up your course
  6. Login to Discord 10 minutes prior to your event
  7. Locate Event Page and Live Chat page
  8. Be ready to putt

What you will need

  1. Tape measure
  2. Disc Golf Basket
  3. Basket and 5 Stations: 15’, 20’, 25’, 30’ and 35’
  4. 5 station markers – Ground flags, minis or additional discs not being used to putt with. Anything visible to your opponent during the video.
  5. Phone with camera and internet coverage (check your battery).
  6. No less than 4 Putters
  7. Setup for recording – tripod or other phone holding device recommended.
  8. Print out of “circle-one-hundred” score card or piece paper for scoring.
  9. Writing utensil.
  10. Appropriate amount of time to compete.
  11. It is recommended that all players take time prior to the tee times to ensure that they have the layout properly set up, know how to work Discord App (see link) and check to verify that they have strong enough internet signal to provide and receive the videos you are doing and viewing.

What to Expect

  • Set Up Course and Video Stations prior to event.  See Video and Diagram for layout suggestions.
  • Log onto Discord no less than 10 minute prior to your match. (3:50 pm)
  • Join your Event Room:  Region/State/Club/TD/Event Room and #  OR  Follow the link provided by Event Moderator.
  • Engage with your Event Moderator and fellow competitors in the chat room.
  • Event Moderator will RANDOMIZE bracket at the time the event is scheduled to start.  (4:00pm)
  • Once the bracket is set the matches will begin 5 minutes after the scheduled start time of the event.  (4:05pm)
  • The HIGHER seeded player (#1) will originate the video call to the LOWER seeded player (#8)
  • Both competitors display their course to each other
  • Player’s alternate who goes first at each station. HIGHER seeded player STARTS at the first, third and fifth station.
  • Before each player putts the verbally confirm visibility to their competitor
  • After each player completes a station the verbally confirm the amount of putts made and a score for the station
  • Complete all stations
  • Confirm Match Scores and Match Winner on Event Page
  • All ties are broken with a sudden death putt-off starting at the 3rd station (25’) and continuing until someone outright wins a station.
  • Return to Event Room and report scores;  Winner reports the win and the scores in a message for all to see.  Loser confirms.
  • Moderator confirms match results
  • Look for Bracket updates and wait for next match
  • Round 1: 4:05pm
  • Round 2: 4:25pm
  • Round 3: 4:45 pm
  • Semi-Finals: 5:05 pm
    Finals: 5:25 pm

Each match should about 20 minutes to complete.  This format is designed to keep things moving and minimize waiting and down time.  Please stay engaged with event until you are eliminated.  An APPROXIMATE schedule for an 8-Man Double Elimination bracket would look something like the schedule above.